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success of CORE
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Main Street Make-Over
CORE raised $25,000 to make over Main Street
including the installation of historic street lights and
banners, park benches, raised the money for the
20/20 pocket park, and installed designation
plaques on historic buildings. This major project
could not have been completed without the
generous investment by our friends:

Solar Powered System
The solar-powered system was provided with generous
support by
General Mills' Hamburger Helper
through their
Hometown Helper Program.  The
$5,000 grant provided funding for the solar-powered
system and installation of the street lights.

Street Light Sponsors
Individuals contributed $1,500 toward the purchase of
seven permanent historic street lights for Main Street.  
These contributors are:

Ms. Bonnie Wyatt
Dean and Peggy Hudson
Steven and Sarah Mitchell
Matthews Family
Dr. Max and Jo Cheney
Gene and Reva Lockie
Bill and Thelma Windland

The following individuals contributed $500 toward the
purchase of a permanent street light:

Lindsey Family
Knowles Family
Sentinel Industries

which is owned by Jim and Billie instrumental in the
installation of our street lights.    The Street Light
project would not be possible
Clinkingbeard.not be
possible without the   The Street Light project would
Arkansas not be possible without the inmates of the
Central Unit.  
Arkansas Department of Correction North   
Central Unit.

Street Light Banners
The following members of the community gave $125
toward the purchase of permanent banners to be hung
on the street lights:

Dick & Candy McClellan
Steve Marsee
Tom Tomlinson
Merrythought Farm
Bob and Marilyn Panneman
Calico Rock Music Hall
Tiffany Lenz
In Honor of Mark Green
Hudson Family Enterprises
Photos & Phrames
Fred & Kathy Blickle
Calico Rock Lions Club
Christmas in Calico, Trolley Tours, and Ghost Town Tours
CORE has augmented the successful efforts of the Chamber of Commerce by
developing the highly successful
Christmas in Calico festival, trolley tours of
historic places in Calico Rock, and the
Ghost Town Tours (new in October

Bootlegger Daze
Augmenting the successful efforts of the Chamber of Commerce, CORE has
capitalized on our history and begun
Bootlegger Daze, a one day event that
draws countless visitors from out of town to our community.  The event features
the Poker Run which targets motorcycle enthusiasts.

Downtown Market
Downtown Market.  The result was a highly successful market

Rockin' on Main
CORE partnered with Hagan Handcrafted Rockers to return the large
rocking chair to Main Street, a great attraction for tourists.  The handcrafted
rocking chair provides a point of interest on Main Street and is a great place for
taking souvenir photographs.  

New Businesses
CORE has been supportive of new businesses like the Calico Rock Music
Hall, Photos & Phrames, Altell Wireless Store and in 2008 will welcome
new businesses to Main Street and elsewhere in the community.
Artists Debra Brown and Bryan Kyzar
have completed the murals on Main
Street.  Brown completed the welcome
mural in the triangle section of the wall
and the mural panels on the Marsee
Building entering Ghost Town.  Kyzar
completed the murals on the long
sections of wall.The artists were
inspired while poem writing about
the history of the town and using
information about the historical details
of the town's founding, the famous natives of the town of Calico Rocket, were able to
create real works of art. This will definitely attract the attention of even more visitors.  CORE thanks our
sponsors, committee members, the
artists, and committee chair Bob
Panneman for their great work and
support in this project.
Ray Carneal hangs banners on
the buildings on Main Street.  
This completed the banner
project.  Special thanks to First
National Bank of Izard County
and Ray for this fine work.