General Mills Hamburger Helper

Dean & Peggy Hudson
Steven & Sarah Mitchell


Dr. Max & Jo Cheney
Bob & Gloria Gushue
Fredericka (Silvey) & Thomas Johns
Gene & Reva Lockie
Matthews & Bell Families
Bill & Thelma Windland
Bonnie Copp Wyatt
Medical Center Clinic Physicians
The White River Current
Calico Rock Music Hall

ADC North Central Unit
Austin & Myrtle Harris Family
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Calico Rock 20/20
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Knowles Family
Merrythought Farm
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North Arkansas Electric Coop
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Reba Sanders
Sentinel Industries
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Calico Rock Lions Club
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Harps Food Stores
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Ed and Pat Matthews
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Direct Contribution
Individuals, families, groups, organizations and companies can contribute to special
projects of CORE directly.  CORE is a registered 501 (c) 4 non-profit organization so all
contributions are tax-deductible.  To make a contribution, e-mail our

Volunteer Time
Your time is perhaps your most precious resource and a much appreciated gift to our many
special projects.  To volunteer your time, e-mail our

Estate Planning
Ways to Give.
Jim and Billie Clinkingbeard

Community Medical Center Clinic Physicians
Dr. A. M. Grasse
Dr. Robert Lane
Dr. Don Wright
Dr. Beth Knight

In Memory of Zane Sanders
By His Wife Reba Sanders

In Memory of Herschel H and Edna Ducker
By their daughter Helen King
CORE Appreciates Our Mural Sponsors

In Honor of the Calico Rock
Mennonite Fellowship

In Memory of Emma Drown Morgan
Esteemed Artist

In Memory of Barbara DeAngelis
Newspaper Publisher

Merrythought Farm

Rev. Ed and Mrs. Pat Matthews

Dr. Max and Mrs. Jo Cheney