Calico Rock Organization for Revitalization
First Thursday of each
month January - October

Calico Rock Visitors Center
Calico Rock, AR  

3:00 PM
unless otherwise called by
the President

Mailing Address:
104 Main Street
Calico Rock,



Historic Main Street
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Welcome to Historic Calico Rock
The only Calico Rock in the United States
The Core Story:

Calico Rock Organization for Revitalization, better know as CORE, was
formed by concerned citizens about the loss of business on Main Street
and the need to it spruce up . The term "front door" for Calico Rock
became a vision and work was started. The first meeting there were four
people and each week following the group grew and now here are 25
members. In addition to these efforts, CORE also works with local businesses
and entrepreneurs to create opportunities for economic growth.
By providing resources and support, CORE has helped start-up entrepreneurs launch their businesses,
and its partnerships with local businesses have led to new job opportunities and increased
economic activity. Such a project can be implemented using access
to educational materials that the economics essay writer possesses.

Core was established in 2007 as a non-profit organization for the
betterment of Historic Main Street, Calico Rock. I
n 2012 it applied for the
501c status
and it was granted.

With the help of Hamburger Helper Grant we were able to refurbish Main
Street with reproduction street lights and poles similar to those in the 1920
and decided to go GREEN with solar. Each of the poles and banners had
sponsors  with the donors' names displayed.  Next on the list was the
mural that depicts Calico Rock past and present. This has also been an
asset with people stopping and taking pictures and asking questions.

There is more work ongoing with additional poles sponsored and places

on Park Street and Phase three is down Highway 56.
Rich Fischer

Vice President
Fredericka Johns

Secretary/ Treasurer
Susan Varno

Board Of Directors
Robert Panneman

Charles Francis

Ric Moser