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Corner of Highway 5 & 56
Calico Rock, Ar

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Rich Fischer

Registration Information

The Market
CORE began the downtown market
as a service to our community. We try to
promote farm products that do not contain
unnecessary chemicals. The main goal of the
organization for the next year is to increase
the market share, we have already started
working on the professional marketing plan together with the
The new target audience is students, who are known not to
worry much about their diet.  Our
philosophy is simple--bring together
vendors and customers.  Our goal is
to provide a positive community

Release of Liability
All vendors and buyers agree to the
Waiver of Liability by entering the
premises of the Farmer's Market and
agree to abide by all laws of the state
of Arkansas and United States of
America.  CORE is the sponsoring
organization for the Downtown
Market.  CORE assumes no liability
for accidents or in the compliance
with state or Federal laws or

It is the responsibility of all vendors to
comply with all local, state and Federal laws and regulations including, but not limited to,
compliance with licensing, sales tax reporting and payment, health department, and other regulations.
CORE assumes no responsibility for the compliance of any vendor.CORE assumes no liability in the payment of
any fines, fees, sales tax, or other payments due by vendors.
& Saturdays

First Come, First Serve
Booth space cannot be reserved.  All
booths are set up on a first-come,
first-serve basis.  

Authority to Refuse
CORE, the City of Calico Rock, and
the Izard County Sheriff's Office
reserve the right to refuse any person
from buying or vending at the market
due to disorderly conduct, violation of
applicable laws, or refusal to follow
rules as stated or given under
instruction by management of the

CORE does not discriminate on the
basis of race, religion, gender,
disability, age, or any other protected

Grievance Procedure
Any vendor or customer may issue
questions or complaints to our market
manager who is on-site at every
market.  Grievances or appeals may
be issued with CORE