What is C.O.R.E?
The Calico Rock Organization for Revitalization Efforts (CORE) is a
non-profit, community-action organization dedicated to presenting a
welcoming front door to our community to revitalize our economy

How do I get involved?
CORE has NO annual membership dues.  We are just concerned citizens that
work for our community.  To get involved, simply come to a CORE meeting
and get involved...make your voice heard, volunteer, and help us improve our
community.You can also take part in writing and publishing interesting content
on our site, in order to increase the possibilities of informing the local
population about planned events, exhibitions, fairs, and peaceful actions.
Don't worry about making a mistake, because each article is checked by
experienced authors who responsibly approach even the essay title suggestion
and make edits if they think it's necessary.

When does CORE meet?
CORE meets on the first Thursday of every month at 3:30 p.m.
February-November.  CORE accomplished a great deal of our work through
committee meetings throughout the month.  CORE meetings are held in the
Bluff City Bank Building inside the Chamber of Commerce Offices on
Main Street in Calico Rock.

CORE Board of Directors
The authority of the organization is vested in a seven-member board of
directors which includes the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,
and three at-large directors.  All directors and officers are elected annually by
the membership.  There are no limit to the number of terms of election.  A
quorum is met when four board members are present for a meeting.  The
board must meet at least once per year and may meet as often as they deem
necessary.  The board has established policies which govern their operations.  
You can download the CORE By-laws and Board Policies in the column at

CORE Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement
CORE is a non-profit community action organization.  CORE does not hold
an insurance policy nor are the agents, officers, directors, employees, or
members bonded or insured.  By participating in any CORE activity, any
person assumes their own responsibility and waives all liability and agrees to
hold harmless CORE and its agents, officers, directors, employees or
members.  Download a complete copy of this
Waiver of Liability and Hold
Harmless Notice.

(June 1, 2008-May 31, 2009)

Gloria Gushue

Rich Fischer
Vice President

Steven Mitchell

Diane Ivy

Dean Hudson

Gene Lockie

Dale Ivy

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Unite the community to present a welcoming
front door and enhance our economy.

Ghost Town Committee
Sue Varno, Chair
Derrell Brown
Rich Fischer
Gloria Gushue
Peggy Hudson
Juanita Stowers

Playground Committee
Dale Ivy, Chair
Wayne Wood
Jim Landrus

Downtown Market
Rich Fischer-Chair/Manager
Gene Lockie, Board Rep

Bootlegger Daze 2009
Ric Moser, Co-Chair
Rich Fischer, Co-Chair
Darrell Brown